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  1. Sooo danG cute! You look the most cosy and im dying – glitter bralettes?! No way! Ive recently become a huge bralette fan and this makes my hesrt so happy! I love that younshsre your life hacks abs finds with us! Ans my fav fav fav movie to watch during the holidays is Elf! Although the holiday is also a must This time of year! Stay cozy!
    Insta- @jenjewelldesiGN

  2. Love this so much! My fav holiday mOvie is Its a Wonderful Life. Ugh. So good. ♥️♥️

    My instagram handle is @gracestagramz ♥️

  3. You guys are so cute! Being cozy is the best, but cozy with frie is so much better! You made me want to have a pj party 🙂
    My ig: @blossi

  4. So cute! And I love Aerie so much. They’re really leading the industry in body positivity and celebration of all types of beauty ☺️

    IG: @dedmockingbird

  5. Love It. I miss my best friends so much and wish we could do christmas movies in pjs all together. This winter i convinced my boyfriend to do it with me haha. Next step: the classics.
    You rock noelle!
    Lucile – @targAryenluce

  6. My favorite christmas film is either White Christmas or Hallmark’s Signed, Sealed, Delivered christmas special.
    Instagram: @fly__a__kite

  7. I love how cozy yall look! Just finished finals and I’m definitely looking forward to watching all the Christmas movies! ELF, The Grinch Stole Christmas, and the Christmas Story are my go to movies!
    My IG: katrina_hill

  8. So stinkin adorable! Love this! I have a pretyy solid lIst. Here we go: the gRinch, elf, the holiday, love actually, the family stone, home alone 2-lost in NY, and eloiSe at christmastime. So many great xmas movies!! Merry christmas!

  9. i’Ve been so Proud of aerie these past Few years and trUly believe their work to be inclusive to all women is going to make them a long lasting powerhouse of a brand. IT definietly doesn’t hurt that their stuff is this cuTe! (Sorry for all caps, my phone hates me.)

    Ig: redhouseoveryonder

  10. Oh this is so super cute! I have been wanting tk get with my girlfriends for a movie night for ao long and now that exams are over i just might Get to! This is seriously so precious! I love ot!

  11. bestfriend goals! Since i haven’t had time this year to really decorate i am living vicariously through your photos <3

    instagram: @kellynicoleparker

  12. Having cozy nights in with friends in the winter is onE Of my favOrite things to do!! Loved this post!!
    Ig: @sydniesinewe

  13. Getting home and changing into a pair of comfy pajamas is part of My daily routine. Id make a really good old person 😉 movie nights in with my friends in cozy lounge wear are definitely on my top 3 things to do on the weekend.

    Love from @hstrv

  14. I am so envious that you have a best friend that you can do stuff like this with! You both are toooo adorable.


  15. Pom poms are life and im glad body Positivity is such a part of their brand and yours as well! I’ve been binging holiday Movies whenever we’re home.

  16. This is adorable! My favorite Christmas movie is any version of “A ChriStmas Carol”, especially the Muppet’s version. My dad wrote a musical stage version when i was young, so the story is a huge oart of my life! The lessons of the film also speak to just being a good person and making the world a better place, which i definitely think we can carry with us all year round!


  17. YOU AND RACHEl cozied up in the winter to watch holiday movies – Uber cute cutee Cute u make the pictures LOOk so stunning and effortless but every detail has been given attention to .I could see that. Love The pom pom shoesies and the glittery top . Everything is detailed to perfection ! And get well soon Noelle. CAnt wait for you to get back on your toes for Christmas. Happy holidays xoxo .
    My instagram handle : niki.nk

  18. Thank you for being an AMbassador for body positiv! I love these photos happiest holidays and if you need a good holiday movie i Highly recommend a muPpets christmas carol!

  19. Those slippers are the COZIEST things i’ve Ever seen! I love Aerie’s bralettes and PJ pants. So Comfy and so cute. And they alWays have some sort of sale

  20. So cozy! I love the plaiD. I bought 3 plaid thRows for my apartment this winter. So oBsessed. ❤️


  21. NoElle, i think you are both beauty and grace! I love how you are stylish yet fairly modest and such a role model for Ladies of all ages! Keep being wonderful you! Merry Christmas!

  22. I LOVE the pOm pom slipPers!! I want Everythig in every photo… and this is serious inspO for a best friend photo shoit! Im @jennifofo

  23. How cute are you too! I love all the Photos. Can’t wait to watch holiday movies this weekend with my family back in illinois. Family tradiTion!! My IG is @morgankay17

  24. Love this post and your passIon for body positivity! My favorite Christmasy movie is The Holiday, because who wouldnt wAnt to cozy up in an eNchanting cabin?
    Insta: @kaleycas

  25. Ahh, those poMpom slippers are so cute! My fave Christmas movie is The Santa Clause (first and second ones). I know i know, the 2nd one sucks, but I still love it for some reason.

  26. omg i love your cozy outfits from aerie!!!

    I’m a huge fan of their campaigns and of course of their bralettes and cozy outfits

    I wish you and Rachel a very merry christmas, i just love you both so much!

    ig: @saharaahhh

  27. Awww, I love this!! Nothing better than a cozy holiday movie night with friends. My favorite is white Christmas!!

  28. Oh i love it really cozy! My favorite christmas movie is the family man. I dont know if its a real christmas movie but watching it with the holidays makes me feel happy !

  29. julianna_noel7
    Entering your givaway! Super excited. My favorite christmas movie is Chrismtas Vacation 110% happy holidays to you and Your adorable little fam

  30. ugh holiday wear is my favorite!! aerie is always so good with it too, because its really cute and also super soft. the glitter bralette is super cute

  31. Love The outfits and especially the slippers! I love holiday movies. This past weekend i watched loVe actually! One of my favs!

  32. My favorite christmas
    Movie is “Holiday in Handcuffs” with melissa Joan Hart and Mario LopEZ. Its hilraious more than anything, but what i love is that it Reminds us that we Are allowed to be vulnerable!

  33. My Favorite Holiday movIe! DEFINITELY would have to be
    Nightmare Before christmas! (Christmas and halloween?! Cant get betteR than that!)
    I love your Blog and insta posts! im aLways do excited to see what New things you have each day!
    P.s. i LOVE the deer decor with the string of poms! ❤️

  34. I absolutely love y’alls pajamas!!❤️ And my favorite Christmas movie would have to be A Christmas Story!
    Instagram: @maggie11_12

  35. Aounds like a perfect night! I really love watching Elf & Home alone 1 & 2. Every christmas season i have to watch those movies!

  36. You guys look super coZy! Love it! I love Aerie and their message. I’ve been looking for cute Christmas PJs! My favorite Christmas movie is probably Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys!
    Ig: @nIcolemetroff

  37. thOse slippers are eVeRYthing! I have to watch Elfat least three times during the holiday season. What’s your favorite?

  38. Looove aerie so this is by far my favorite blog post this year!!
    My favorite christmas mOvie is miracle on 34th street ♥️

  39. These pajamas are sooo cute ans look so cozy. One Of My fave thing About holidays Is watching christmas movies or just old faves. Whats your favorite christmas movie? Mine is probably A Year without a santa clause. I love the classics
    im rambling! IM in love with these aErie pieces

    Ig Softboiledbaby

  40. Omg i love the deer with the flowers, your wInter AESTHETIC is . My favorite cheistmas movie is a CHRISTMAS story for OBVIOUS reasons, i mean its just the best.

  41. I love the pj bottoms the best!!! I am definitely one who puts their pants on first (lol) and the right jam pants can totally inspire a cozy night in! I love the fabric of rachels with the slippers!
    Yay aerie!

  42. You 2 look So grEatt! I know it’s Weird but what i kinda love waTch at christmas is harry potter, I red tHem and yay.. there’s the best! Just love the Snow falling On hogwarts! my ig is @itsbayytb, Hope you’ll feel better! ❄️ (Ps : sorry i’m french hope there’s no problemBonne journée!)

  43. Cute cozy pjs + aERies body positiVity campaIgn = perfect Christmas gift!! Love the outfit & the blog!

    Insta: krishfish97 🙂

  44. Cute cozy pjs + aERies body positiVity campaIgn = perfect Christmas gift!! Love the outfit & the blog!

    Insta: krishfish97

  45. Love your blog so much! Ive been Following along for about 3 years and its been so amaziNg to watch your growth/ see fun little bIts of your life! Keep it up and i hope you, danny, and duke have an amazing christmas! ❤️

  46. You guys Look SO cozy and comfortable *specially those fluffy socks *
    that ALL i want to do is a marathon of scary and Christmas films with my sister, and end up watching the holiday As always

  47. The holidays arent the holidays without your festive blog posts my favorite holiday movies are elf and lovE aCtually – wBU


    Love, justaFunnybrunette21

  48. Okay you and Rachel are the cutest things ever this post made me wanna throw AN aerie pajama slumber PARTY with my ladies


  49. You two are so cute!!! I Had a pj party last week. Not as cute as yours but we had fun and we watched home alone 1 and 2. Xxx @gabbie960

  50. Love aerie and their body positive campaign. Im going to get me some of those PJs for the long wiNter ahead. My fav chRistmas movie is a year without a santa claus!
    IG: @hubererin0

  51. Some of my favorite childhood memories are covering the floor with blankets and pillows and watching those classic claymation movies with my mom. I love seeing them now because they make me remember her fondly. You just have to be cozy when you watch Christmas movies!
    Ig: @sup_brow

  52. My sister and i alwAys watch our favorite holiday movies together! Now im inspired to up the coziness and holiday spirit this year.

  53. What a nice blog Noelle!!
    And this post? Can’t think about a christmas WITHOUT POM poms ❤❤

  54. Just adorable!! I was thinking of gifting these Jammies in a holiday gift exchange, they’re previous! I just might have to gift myself as well (:

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