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I’ve partnered up with Clinique to make some promises to myself…

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I have partnered up with Clinique and Social Stars to tell you guys how I plan on putting my best face forward and goals I plan on setting for myself! There Face Forward campaign is all about being your best and today I want to make promises for the future and talk about things I look forward to setting goals for.

I don’t know if I’ve really shared this on here,but I am terrified of flying. I hate it. And sometimes it really effects my traveling and makes me miss out on things I could of experienced. It’s a huge bummer and something I’ve always wanted to get over. Today I want to make a promise to try to work on this fear and hopefully not miss out on any other experiences due to it. I always just let the fear get to me instead of trying to face it and I don’t want to do that anymore.

Second promise I want to make to myself is to not take things so seriously, particularly when shooting. Sometimes my poor boyfriend Danny deals with a wee bit of a monster when I get upset about the lighting being funny, me being funny, or the setting while I’m creating blog posts. He’s always sweet enough to help me out and I want to be more aware of when I do have enough content for a post and finish up and enjoy the moment. I think that’s one of the biggest things with blogging is having the flurry of taking photos ruin the moment or make you not experience it. I want to absolutely get my work done and shoot my photos,but know when enough is enough and step back, shut off the camera, and enjoy life. I’m sure any other blogger friends out there know exactly what I’m talking about and may struggle with this as well. You’re not alone and we can work on this together!

Third is to enjoy my city. Yesterday we went to the Statue of Liberty which is something I’ve never done and I truly enjoyed it! It’s a bit touristy of course, but it’s just something you have to see! As well as so many places in New York. I want to make it a promise to myself to explore and venture out to the places here that I’ve been dying to see. I’m sure it will always be worth it!

So I guess above all my promise is to experience as much as I can! I want to explore everywhere and especially everywhere in my city. While exploring, especially if travel is involved it’s amazing to have a go-to skincare routine which is exactly what this 3 step skin care set is! So easy and Clinique products I have used since I was very little so it’s always a no-brainer for me. Perfect to pack when you are on the go!

I’ll talk more about my Clinique 3 step collection on the blog very soon! Stay tuned.




Post in collaboration with Clinique and Social Stars,but thoughts and promises are truly mine!

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skin care: Biossance


Talking about a new favorite skin product…

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First off I would just like to say I’m so sorry it’s been over a week since I posted! I’ve been sooo busy (I’m sure you’ve seen on my Instagram) with my friend, Brandi being in town from Louisiana. We’ve been having so much fun and I have been a bit carried away with my work… buuuut trying to get a bit back on track!

Today I am talking a bit about my skincare and a product I’m in love with (I’ve actually gotten my friend Brandi using it everyday too now!)- Biossance. Squalane is a vital moisturizer found in your body. The Biossance brand’s plant-derived emollient, Neossance Squalane (sorry for getting so science-y here on you) which replenishes your skin by using a moisturizer found naturally in your body. This ingredient instantly hydrates your skin leaving it feeling literally amazing!

Honestly guys, I have been using this almost everyday now (night and morning, just a few drops) and it is so amazing! At first I was concerned because my skin is very oily,but it sort of suits every skin type because it’s using a natural moisturizer that’s already there in your skin. Like I said, Brandi is already hooked on it and she’s only been using it for a week! It also is really great for dry skin patches anywhere as well as cuticles and a great hair serum!

They have a special Embodied Project happening now, which you can check out here. 




Post in collaboration with Biossance but all thoughts are truly my own.