Governor’s Ball 2015!


Showing you my three looks from my first ever Gov ball!…


Day 1: 

Top and skirt C/O Crossroads Trading // Boots and denim jacket vintage // Bracelets C/O Boohoo // Backpack C/O Coach 

IMG_9544 IMG_9521 IMG_9511 IMG_9598 IMG_9579 IMG_9566 IMG_9615 IMG_9537 IMG_9585 IMG_9611

Day 2 

Overalls and sunglasses C/O Boohoo // Gingham shirt C/O Crossroads Trading //

IMG_9632 IMG_9728 IMG_9623 IMG_9654 IMG_9670 IMG_9661 IMG_9708 IMG_9779

Day 3 

Jacket and crop top C/O Crossroads Trading // Daisy shorts C/O Boohoo // Hat from H&M

IMG_9833 IMG_9882 IMG_9854 IMG_9860


Finally this summer I went to my first Gov Ball! I took some photos while there to share all 3 of my looks on here! When I go to festivals, I try to wear something a tiny bit different than what everyone else does. ‘Festival Style’ has become such a big thing and for me it’s really important to stay true to my style and not try to dress like everyone else. So I mixed in a lot of pieces from Crossroads Trading into each look to add some vintage-ness.

I had such an amazing time at this fest! I think seeing The Decemberists and Drake (so different, I know!) were easily my favorite. Honestly, it was just so cool to go to a festival and then take a car or subway back to your apartment! Usually you’re doing to an airbnb or hotel,but going back home made it really unique! I can’t wait to share more festivals and fun with you this summer!