greener pastures


A full farm story…

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Last weekend, Rachel, Danny, and I went to Ole Miss Fanny’s Farm in upstate NY. We got to enjoy fresh air, green fields, and all of the animals! Seriously, I couldn’t get over the animals. My heart was just swelling. The little piglet might of been my favorite because she was so precious. I can’t wait to share some photos later of when I was feeding her.

I love this pink dress from Cloak and Dagger, which is a magical store in the East Village here in NYC,but they also have an online store. I love the velvet collar bow and the paisley print! Pairs so nicely with the green fields in the back of these photos. I also wore this flower crown I made with fresh flowers (but now they are dried!) recently at a workshop Keiko Lynn was hosting! I am actually very proud that I made this because I don’t make things as often as I used to and I really enjoy making things! So I’m happy I got to shoot a look in it!

Fashion week now begins and it’s so hot here I wish I could just go back to the farm and pet the goats…




Paisley dress C/O Cloak and Dagger // Flower crown made by me // Boots by Wolverine