Austin photo diary


A photo diary from our trip to Austin, TX…

IMG_2815 IMG_1539 IMG_2786 IMG_2148 IMG_2122 IMG_3401 IMG_2756 IMG_2799 IMG_2762 IMG_3444 IMG_2789 IMG_3431 IMG_2137On other blogs, I always love photo diaries so I’ve really made it a point to share some with you as of recently. They usually include the random, silly photos or the looks that just didn’t get fully shot. Either way, photo diaries are a bit more personal and I think that’s what I love about them.

There are so many things happening in these photos.. some are from when we took the helicopter (thanks to Airbnb!) to Salt Lick BBQ and ate some amazing food!! I don’t really eat meat, but the sides were delicious too along with our pie we got for dessert! Most nights in Austin we came home and would light up a fire in the backyard and roast marsh mellows. It was the little things like that that I loved most. Just hanging back with my friends enjoying the things we can’t really do in Brooklyn.

I hope you enjoy this photo diary! Planning new trips soon. <3



Dress with red bows C/O Miss Patina // Obey subway tee

this week..

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Here’s what my life recently has looked like on Instagram:

1. Me at Princeton from two days ago. It was SO hot,but Rachel and I wanted to shoot some because the campus is beautiful.

2. While we were all at Princeton we went to a BBQ and I got roasted corn for the first time in quite a few months!

3. A photo I took while I was on the train going to Princeton. It was so nice to large fields of grass.

4. A pretty cappuccino I got at Mogador.

5. Me in my vintage dress on the Fourth of July!

6. Rachel and I on the 4th having fun.

7. Coffees and my new cute fox phone case. It’s so dumb,but I couldn’t help but get it.

8. A Downing (me) on Downing street!