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I am Noelle Downing and live in Brooklyn, New York. I have an adorable pet bunny named Monty and live with my boyfriend Danny who I am madly in love with. I started this blog to share my many favorite things with you and to share snapshots of my life. I am a huge lover of gingham, kitty prints, peter pan collars, and of course sailor dresses. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my place to share all of my favorites.

Love always,


22 thoughts on “About Noelle

  1. Tammye

    Noelle hello would you please get back with me would love to get some fashion update I am also a cousin of yours bye bye keep up those styles they are great

  2. Echo

    Hi! I really really love your blog, I’m a big fan of your style and everything! sorry for my bad english I’m from slovakia so.. today it’s first time on your blog but I spend here like an hour ^^ love your sense for fashion <3

  3. Rosy

    Hello Noelle! I admire you a lot!
    I think you’re a kind person, your sense of fashion is awesome, and your entire personality is simple adorable! I describe you like : The Wonderful Noelle NY!
    I follow you at Instagram and I read your blog everyday! Already I’m your fan from Mexico!

  4. Joy Evangelica

    Hi, Noelle! It’s me, Joy (@joysuxx) from the Philippines. So I just discovered that you are 22 years old. I have been wondering all the time! I’m also 22 and do enjoy things that you do, too! Hope we could be friends even if we’re like half a world apart! Loveyah!

  5. Kiara

    Hello Noelle,

    My name is Kiara. I am emailing you on behalf of 20LEGZ.com. We are a NY based online boutique that offers an eclectic collection of premium, fashion forward leggings, at one affordable price of $20. We have looked over your blog and would love the opportunity to work with you. If interested, please let me know what your pricing and requirements are. We are currently looking to do promos, giveaways, secure a blog feature, and collaborate on projects. I appreciate your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank You,

    Marketing Assistant

  6. Melissa C.

    I’m officially in love with your instagram and Blog! You’re my inspiration! Your style is amazing and I’m so glad I found you on the social medias. You’re a true Brooklyn Baby! Tell our bunny a super fan says Hello. Stay beautiful <3
    Your New Fan,

  7. Sophie

    Hi Noelle,

    I’m a crazy person in love with a vintage style unicorn dress of yours I found on Pinterest. I looked through your archives, but I didn’t see the dress. I was just trying to find where you bought it, because I think it might be my favorite dress of all time. Do you know the one I’m talking about? And if so could you tell me where you found it?



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