Wynwood Walls


Welcome to Miami….

IMG_0637 IMG_0517 IMG_0429 IMG_0554 IMG_0687 IMG_0471 IMG_0450 IMG_0633 IMG_0489 IMG_0694I have a few Miami posts, but this first one is from our trip to Wynwood Walls. Rachel, Mara, and I first went to a cute coffee shop before wandering around, which I will share in my Miami favorites guide (it’s a really good one!). It was hot as helllll this day (literally I was melting) and was happy to be wearing this loose sailor dress I’ve had for forever by The WhitePepper. I also wore these Topshop flats I thrifted from Crossroads about a year or so ago. Just a breezy look for this hot hot day!

I’m also holding my new little camera case for my video camera! I have two Youtube videos coming verrry soon, with lots more on the way I swear! I just need to figure out a *few* editing things as before Danny helped me edit and now that he’s in law school he can’t anymore and I’m a bit lost now. SO, hoping to have the Louisiana and Miami videos up soon!

ALSO- I’m going to North Carolina on Wednesday!!!




Sailor dress by The WhitePepper // Flats C/O Crossroads Trading // Hat from H&M


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