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Wearing vintage with my boo…

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Every once in a while Rachel and I do a shoot together and it seems readers just love it! I mean, I really love having the pictures and seeing overtime how much has changed. We always look a bit more grown up and I just love having them to look at and hold onto.

So, I get asked *a lot* on Instagram and on here where I like to shop for vintage. Although there are some cute stores in New York, it can be a bit pricy here and very hard to dig as it is a bit of a ‘trendy’ thing these days (especially in Brooklyn.) So I do get a lot of my vintage pieces online and in this post Rachel and I are both wearing dresses vintage dresses from The Braided Bandit. I can’t get over how many AMAZING things she has in her shop. I mean, this dress, this dress, and this dress?! I seriously want like 15 different pieces from her shop.

Rachel and I have actually teamed up for a special giveaway with The Braided Bandit and will be posting it on Instagram! Mine will be going live tomorrow, so stay tuned on IG if you’re a vintage lover like me!

Oh! And use the code ‘BFF20′ to get 20% off of your order if you find anything you fancy from The Braided Bandit!

Now I’m off to film another Youtube video!

Alsoooo- I included some very terrible/action/real life/embarrassing shots of Rachel and I in here, so enjoy! Hah.




Both dresses C/O The Braided Bandit // Straw mouse bag C/O Pepa Loves // Strawberry bag C/O Mellow Handbags // Both of our shoes C/O Crossroads Trading 

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