10 Things to Pack for the Holidays with Dunkin’ Donuts

img_0550Today I’m sharing my top 10 things to pack for the holidays! I’m so excited to team up with Dunkin’ Donuts in honor of National Espresso Day as I always travel this time of the year and I’ve wanted to share my 10 things I’ve found helpful to remember to pack! I hope you enjoy and have safe travels! xxo. If you need help getting ready for the holiday travels stop by Dunkin’ Donuts! Their coffee always keeps me energized over the holiday season.



Post sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts,but all thoughts and holiday travel tips are truly my own!

Louisiana travel vlog!

I *finally* have my vlog up from Louisiana! This is my first vlog ever and I do act a little funny at parts.. but I’ll get better with time I swear! I’m also going to try so hard to upload a video each and every week now, so please comment with any ideas or request you may have!

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