Summer colors


In the summer I tend to always lean towards red, white, and blue…

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Well, lets be honest, I lean towards red, white, and blue almost all year round! I honestly can’t explain why. I’m always gravitated towards red and white (I think they are very good colors for my makeup scheme usually!) and navy just kind of is a go-to for accessories! I’m literally OBSESSED with this top by Tara Starlet. As a bit of a busty girl (surprise if you didn’t know this! I’m sure you can tell after this post), tops like this can be suuuper tricky,but I had a really, really good feeling about this one. Perhaps that’s because Tara Starlet’s stuff is very pin up and I knew they would know how to make something that hugs a girl well. So, I am thrilled to say I finally have a top that I can wear without a bra, that shows a decent amount of cleavage (for me!), and is super cropped that I feel completely comfortable in! I’ll be wearing this baby literally all summer.

I paired this amazing top with a H&M denim skirt. I’m loving skirts this length right now so when I saw this one I had to have it! I really want to get a good denim one as well. I also am happy to share my new lippy bag from Unique Vintage! Obviously this novelty bag is one that needed to make it into my collection! So good for all seasons! Finally wearing my Charlotte Olympia flats more often since the weather has been good. They are one of my favorite pieces I have!

I have some fun posts coming your way! Thank you so much for reading and following my blog loves.




Top C/O Tara Starlet // Skirt C/O H&M // Lip bag C/O Unique Vintage // Kitty flats by Charlotte Olympia // Hair clip C/O Mane Message