stella dallas


Showing you how I styled this dress from one of my best friend’s boutique…

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One of my very best friends, Jade, left NYC and headed back to our home state a few months ago to open up her very own boutique called Stella Dallas! Today in this post I am wearing this light pink lace dress that is from her store! I’ve been so excited to get a piece from her store because it’s all so boho and easy to wear!

I wore this dress for a day of shooting and fun with my friend Rachel Martino, who if you’ve never heard of you should take a look at her blog and Youtube! I wanted this look to be comfortable and easy to wear because I was going to be in it all day walking around Greenpoint! I went with my go-to Asos navy hat and these MissGuided gladiator sandals that I love for more bohemian looks.

If you’ve been looking for some very affordable new pieces, seriously take a look at Stella Dallas!  I seriously want like 30 more things from her store. But also if you live in Louisiana- drive on over to the store! It’s so cute and I can’t wait in October to see it in person when I visit home for her wedding!




Pink lace dress C/O Stella Dallas // Hat C/O Asos // Sandals MissGuided // Jewelry C/O The 2 Bandits