take me anywhere

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As I’m sitting here in my hot room, I can’t help but really wish I was on a vacation somewhere. I took work off for the week and a vacation was planned, but it got cancelled last minute. Luckily, we (being Rachel,Aaron, Brandon and I) are going to go to New Jersey this weekend and actually be by some woods and pretty close to the beach. I can’t wait because a few weeks back I bought this vintage swimsuit and I really want to wear it. Plus I’m really sick of NYC in the summer already. So, there will be some fun photos of my mini trip coming soon. Have a good weekend!



Suspender Skirt Romwe/ Blouse vintage/ Salvatore Ferragamo flats vintage from Found By Adarae Etsy / Bow necklace In God We Trust NYC 

Photography by Rachel-Marie of Jag Lever