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A perfect print to cure the rainy blues…

IMG_0093 IMG_0121 IMG_0020 IMG_0109 IMG_0060 IMG_0182 IMG_0095 IMG_0155


As I am writing this rainy blog post, I am lucky enough to be in sunny California! But back in New York it has been raining cats and dogs. On most rainy days, I always go towards fun prints and colors to lift my mood a bit. I decided to wear this matching top and skirt the other day to our friends surprise birthday party. It was the perfect look for the night!

This printed set is by (of course) Kling.  So many things that they make are right up my alley and I have shared so many of their designs on here! I paired this set with a heart bag from Boohoo and simple patient ankle strap flats to keep the look vintage looking. Luckily by the time I left for the night it had stopped raining and these shoes wouldn’t get ruined!

Sunny blog posts from Cali heading your way! I also started shooting footage for my very first Youtube video as well!




Top C/O Kling // Skirt C/O Kling // Heart bag C/O Boohoo // Shoes Forever 21 // Swan ring C/O Good After Nine 


Memorial day!


Wearing red, white, and blue…

IMG_8009 IMG_7996 IMG_8182 IMG_8134 IMG_8047 IMG_8067 IMG_8107 IMG_8054 IMG_8040 IMG_8167 IMG_8155 IMG_8195 IMG_8147 IMG_8043 IMG_8077Patterned socks can be a bit tricky. Typically I try to stick to solid colors since the socks draw so much attention,but occasionally patterns work too! When I got these flower socks, I knew I had to wear them with my Miu Miu loafers I thrifted recently. They were dying to be paired!

These flower patterned socks are from Bergieswhich is a super amazing sock site! I mean, seriously they have a million pairs of all different lengths and fabrics! I even got some thigh highs. When I got these, I knew I would want to wear them with loafers because that’s always my go-to shoe for socks. I decided to go with this bright red dress by Pepaloves and put a anchor sweater over it because it’s been a tad chilly lately! A perfect outfit for Memorial Day today!

I’ll be hanging out with some friends today having fun and I hope you get to be with friends or family today as well!



Flower socks C/O Bergies  // Red dress C/O Pepa Loves // Anchor sweater C/O Kling // Navy bag C/O Coach // Straw hat C/O Lack Of Color // Miu Miu loafers thrifted

Lorraine Motel


A little outside view from the Civil Rights Museum…

file_5616x3744_000430 file_5616x3744_000453 file_5616x3744_000472 file_5616x3744_000517 file_5616x3744_000446 file_5616x3744_000459 file_5616x3744_000526 file_5616x3744_000494 file_5616x3744_000506 file_5616x3744_000483 file_5616x3744_000538 file_5616x3744_000463 file_5616x3744_000539 file_5616x3744_000464 file_5616x3744_000498 file_5616x3744_000518 file_5616x3744_000439While in Memphis, we stopped by the Civil Rights museum. We had noticed this motel and didn’t realize it was apart of the museum at first. It turns out it was the motel Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated at and afterwards business went down and the motel went out of business. The city bought the motel and now it is literally attached to the museum. There’s so much history to learn there,but also because they still have the motel there it really takes you back to the horrific scene. It’s odd that my photos can look so cheery at a place where a terrible event occurred. I wanted to take a moment to state the history of what’s happened behind these photos. A great link to learn even more about Martin Luther King Jr. history is here. I can certainly say Memphis has a lot of history, both painful and joyful, which is something that made this trip extra special.

On a completely different note, how’s this gingham backpack with gingham sunnies combo? This is a new favorite look of mine (and not shockingly so, since it’s red, white, and blue!). I have a really hard time finding shorts I love but you GUYS I have gotten very lucky lately with so many! These ones are MissGuided and I really dig them. I think they can be worn in a very 50’s way (as I did here) but also Boho and modern. I wore an American Apparel denim shirt underneath with this Kling anchor sweater over it! Good for a 70 degree day.

I recently found these Mink Pink sunnies at Crossroads trading and had to have them! They are just too good and a perfect find! I’ve been wearing them a lot lately.

So sorry for the delay for a few days there with posting! My Aunt and cousin were in town and I was so busy spending time with them and having so much fun I got a little sidetrack! But I have lots of catching up to do!




Anchor sweater C/O Kling // White shorts C/O MissGuided // Gingham packpack C/O MissGuided // Mink Pink sunnies C/O Crossroads Trading Co.  // Ankle strap flats Forever 21 

Photos taken by Rachel Marie of Jag Lever