date look


A little date outfit from underneath the Williamsburg bridge…

IMG_4657 IMG_4785 IMG_4834 IMG_4738 IMG_4598 IMG_4663 IMG_4810 IMG_4740 IMG_4770 IMG_4659 IMG_4719 IMG_4777 IMG_4754So some rather exciting news in my life is that Danny (my boyfriend) got a car! So we have been driving around evvvverywhere and shooting! Seriously it’s only been about 5 or 6 days and we already went to the Williamsburg bridge to shoot, we shot in Dumbo, and also went to Prospect Park yesterday! I feel so lucky to be able to travel to iconic NY spots with him and have him be so patient and photograph me. Certainly isn’t a task I can say most boyfriends would be okay with! Plus having a car in New York City is suuuuch a luxury in itself.

This is a look I was wearing on the day that we actually got the car! We decided to drive a little bit (we were just a wee excited) and go to this seafood place on the water at Rockaway beach. So I decided to wear a cute dress and dress up a little bit for the occasion! This pale pink babydoll dress if from Larmoni, which is a site that literally is filled with the most adorable dresses of your dreams. I also got a gingham top by them that I can’t wait to post!

Because I was feeling very ‘fall vibes’ this day, I decided to use my brand new Boden bag to add a bit of plaid and these ammmmazing Asos shoes! I have gotten so many new Boden and Asos accessories that I can’t wait to share them all! Boden has also been killing it with their shoes game.

I’d also really like to talk about my jewelry here as I’m wearing some of my favorite pieces! First, this large locket. It was my mothers and it’s so special to me. I didn’t have a chain to wear it on for a very long time,but finally got one and have been wearing it constantly. It always make me think of her because it was a piece she really wore a lot. I’m also wearing this new arrow bracelet by Rila which I can’t stop wearing. It’s so pretty with the pearl at the end. I’m also wearing a crab ring with turquoise in the claws that she also makes right here in Brookyln! I love being able to have friends make such beautiful things.

ALSO- New vintage lookbook will be going up on my Youtube tomorrow!! Subscribe to my channel here to see it first.



Pink dress C/O Larmoni // Plaid bag C/O Boden // Strappy shoes C/O Asos // Navy hat C/O Asos // Locket vintage // Arrow bracelet and claw ring C/O Rila NYC 



A look featuring some lovely new jewelry…

IMG_7310 IMG_7333 IMG_7385 IMG_7325 IMG_7441 IMG_7354 IMG_7397 IMG_7422 IMG_7329 IMG_7357 IMG_7404 IMG_7458 IMG_7440 IMG_7389 IMG_7368Jewelry really can transform a look, no matter how simple. When I got these Love Nyri pieces, I knew I wanted to switch it up and wear them with something a little bit Bohemian, but also 90’s. The hand accessory bracelet, which you can wear multiple ways, I wore as a bit more of a bracelet here,but you can also loop it around your finger like here. I also paired this beautiful blue and gold bracelet with it, to add more color. They just look so beautiful together!

Just a little bit about Love, Nyri: a lot of her jewelry is inspired by NYC and the culture here,but also by Haitian jewelry making techniques. I especially feel like with the midi/knuckle ring, you can really see the influence there. Plus the beautiful designer Riva studied music therapy at Loyola in my home state, Louisiana, and that has a very special place in my heart. Not only do I love working with US designers, but when they have some connection to Louisiana I just can’t help but fall more in love!



Knuckle ring, Blue bracelet, and hand accessory C/O Love, Nyri // Romper Miss Guided (old) // Boots C/O Miss Guided 

Giantlion FW 2013 Lookbook






















My amazing friend and co-worker Ali Breslin styled these beautiful photos and ever since she showed them to me I knew I wanted to share them on my blog. Not only is the jewelry beautiful,but most of the clothing is In God We Trust and is also just perfect. Please enjoy!


Designer: Caroline Whittington of giantLION // Stylist: Ali Breslin // Makeup: Allison Perlstein // Hair: Cristin Armstrong // Model: Gillian Herring // Photographer: Amber Byrne Mahoney // Featuring clothing by Brooklyn designers Collina Strada and In God We Trust