sundresses at sea


Another perfect sundress with my little mouse bag…

IMG_2494 IMG_2460 IMG_2621 IMG_2693 IMG_2515 IMG_2584 IMG_2625 IMG_2476 IMG_2571 IMG_2649 IMG_2481 IMG_2749 IMG_2740 IMG_2622 IMG_2647 IMG_2737 IMG_2680 IMG_2758 IMG_2784


At Crossroads about a month ago, I went in and snatched up about 7 new sundresses. Some were vintage (like this one) and some were new,but I just wanted easy summery dresses to throw on and now worry about ruining! Oddly, when I get something that’s second-hand I don’t worry about ruining it quite as much. I guess because I know someone else used to own it and it still isn’t messed up puts me at ease, if you know what I mean! So I was so thrilled when I tried this one on and it fit me so perfectly! I love a good floral and that’s no secret. Plus florals go nearly always go perfect with my Swedish Hasbeens- which is a huge plus!

After we watched the sun go town we went to get a snowball at some place in Orange County Danny’s sister Diana took us to. I was SO HAPPY because when she was saying snocones I didn’t realize she meant like the snowballs we have in New Orleans. It was one of my favorite treats of the whole trip! So delish!

If you haven’t taken a little look at my Youtube video from this trip, here’ the link! 




Floral dress C/O Crossroads Trading // Mouse bag C/O Pepa Loves  // Sandals C/O Swedish Hasbeens // Straw hat H&M



Snaps from Chinatown in Los Angeles…

IMG_1662 IMG_1844 IMG_1838 IMG_1764 IMG_1972 IMG_1637 IMG_1884 IMG_1955 IMG_1902 IMG_1871 IMG_1918 IMG_1909 IMG_1824 IMG_1864 IMG_1874 IMG_1708


I looooved snapping photos of all of the random/beauty/candy that was in Chinatown while we were there! The Chinatown in Los Angeles in quite different in the way here as it isn’t as ‘fast’, so you can easily look at stuff and have fun without it being as ‘pushy’ I would say. I picked up some trinkets and candy (of course) and then afterwards we went and go boba, which is always an ultimate summer drink.

I had gotten this polka dot romper at H&M not too long ago. I’ve really wanted to wear more dot-sy patterns this summer so anything I’ve liked I’ve been picking up. Dots are just so adorable! This jumpsuit is also very good because it’s so thin and tiny that it’s great for a hot day! Things I take very seriously while shopping in the summer. I wore it with this hat that’s also from H&M that I apparently never take off! One should just assume I sleep in boater hats in the summer..




Polkadot jumpsuit C/O H&M // Boater hat H&M // Mouse bag C/O Pepa Loves // Shoes Forever 21