Boho babydoll


An everyday babydoll dress…

IMG_9376 IMG_9393 IMG_9361 IMG_9375 IMG_9412 IMG_9365 IMG_9374 IMG_9395 IMG_9377 IMG_9357 IMG_9383 IMG_9341 IMG_9347 IMG_9350


Baby doll dresses are my go-to, especially in the summer! Most of the ones I have are more on the sweet/adorable side and I love that I can now switch it up with this more boho one by Larmoni.  I’ve actually been a big fan of this site for a long time! They have the most adorable dresses and tops and most of them are under $50! I want so many more pieces by them!

I styled this loose dress with my suede boots I thrifted recently and my vintage Coach backpack. Plus my new The 2 Bandits boho cuff, which went so good with this look!  This is a super easy look to wear because I myself actually wore it for a day of errands! Rachel Marie, Rachel Lynch, and I went to the FFANY shoe preview to visit TUK and see their new fall shoes! I can’t wait to own some of these beauties! So good for the fall and 90’s looks.

Also- as many of you know if you follow me on Instagram- I got some new tattoos this week! I’m going to make a blog post sharing them with you very soon.





Baby doll dress C/O Larmoni // Coach backpack vintage // Suede boots thrifted // Hat Free People // Cuff C/O The 2 Bandits 

love me like you do


A perfect summer outfit from H&M…

IMG_6957 IMG_7264 IMG_7119 IMG_6965 IMG_7176 IMG_7067 IMG_7246 IMG_7122 IMG_7190 IMG_7208 IMG_7221 IMG_7027 IMG_7215 IMG_6958 IMG_7181 IMG_7235 IMG_6991 IMG_7146 IMG_7150 IMG_7259 IMG_7104I’ve partnered up with H&M to show you a look with some of their summer pieces that are in store now. I love going to H&M’s in New York because each one is usually completely different! I went to the one in Soho to get see what they had and ended up going for this white dress that’s super boho and is actually a beach coverup! I wanted it to be a dress so I just decided to go for it and wear some denim shorts underneath! I also picked up this huge hat because it’s perfect to keep my face shaded and these classic sunglasses. I also got a few other pieces that I’ll be showing you soon! I picked up a lot of stuff I really love.

I finished this outfit with this little necklace by Peter and June. I got a lot of their jewelery recently and I am OBSESSED! They make so many quirky things,but also some more artistic, beautiful pieces! If you’re looking for some special jewelery that’s easy to wear, check their site out! I want everything they make.

Als0- if you’re looking for really affordable swimwear, their pieces start at $4.99! I even saw some cute polka dot ones while I was at the store. Take a peek at a preview of their summer line in this video here. 





Tunic dress C/O H&M // Black straw hat C/O H&M // Sunglasses C/O H&M // Boots thrifted // Necklace C/O Peter and June

spring in the air


Featuring #Tictailtuesday…

IMG_5028 IMG_5116 IMG_5136 IMG_5053 IMG_5101 IMG_5160 IMG_5118 IMG_5173 IMG_5021 IMG_5067 IMG_5147 IMG_5086 IMG_5181 IMG_5150I can’t get over the perfectness of this baby doll dress by Heinui. I hadn’t heard of this brand before until I was exploring the shopping platform Tictail. I was looking through some of the different designers they have that I hadn’t heard of and was in love with so many things! As I’ve said on here millions of times before, I love working with and wearing smaller/more indie designers  (which Tictail is full of!) and Heinui is no exception! From the second I saw the dress online I knew I would love it and the way it fit! Not only because of the fabric and baby doll shape,but also because of the design with the hands and rope.

I paired this little dress with simple red accessories, which is my go-to when a dress is a bit more of a solid color. I’ve also been going crazy wearing bows lately.. I think it’s because for a bit I was wearing a hat everyday and I wanted something different! I’ve also been buying flowers like crazy. Seeing them out at the bodegas now makes me feel obligated to buy them!

ALSO- I totally forgot to tell you guys but I’m going to Memphis for the weekend with Rachel! Can’t wait to share with you.




Dress C/O Heinui via TicTail // Red shoes Forever 21 // Bow C/O Bows Please