vintage daisy





Sometimes I don’t feel like dressing as girly as usual and I have some odd, simple semi 90’s vintage thing that I wear on those days.. This is my newest thing in that category. This little vintage daisy print dress I picked up in California and it’s such an easy thing to wear. I had a little pair of denim shorts on underneath it because it’s crazy short,but I like that you can’t usually see them. I also broke out these old Converse of mine that hadn’t been worn in over a year.. I usually wouldn’t wear these but a few days recently I’ve been really drawn to them.. There is something so nice about just some beat up old chucks.

Anyways, I have some new exciting cute things coming my way that I’m excited to be able to post.. Hopefully I get them soon!



Vintage daisy dress Wasteland / Old Converse / Vintage suede jacket