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Boho vibes in Soho…

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During the weekend of NYFW, Danny and I were in the city to attend an event with Vogue. While we were there we decided to grab some coffee and then snap a few photos! We actually ran into our friend Frank (an old roommate of mine!) while he was riding his bike to work. That’s one of the things to love about this city, it really is so big and so, so small at the same time!

I wore this comfortable boho dress from Boohoo and I can’t get over it! It’s the perfect boho dress for fall and I love how it’s a bright red (duh!). I also am wearing these boots I wore almost all fashion week that I thrifted at Crossroads Trading. SUCH a good find. Rachel used to have these same boots in navy velvet and I wanted them so badly. So I was very thrilled to find a pair of croc ones at the Williamsburg store.

This is a quick one as I’m off to run into the city! But I’ve been purchasing lotsss of new items for our apartment and I can’t wait to share! I’m thinking of actually doing a post with a collage of the items I’m getting. What are your thoughts? Do you guys like hearing about home stuff? Let me know!




Red boho dress C/O Boohoo // Boots thrifted C/O Crossroads Trading // Hat from In God We Trust NYC // Knife necklace C/O Erica Weiner // Bag C/O Coach 

stella dallas


Showing you how I styled this dress from one of my best friend’s boutique…

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One of my very best friends, Jade, left NYC and headed back to our home state a few months ago to open up her very own boutique called Stella Dallas! Today in this post I am wearing this light pink lace dress that is from her store! I’ve been so excited to get a piece from her store because it’s all so boho and easy to wear!

I wore this dress for a day of shooting and fun with my friend Rachel Martino, who if you’ve never heard of you should take a look at her blog and Youtube! I wanted this look to be comfortable and easy to wear because I was going to be in it all day walking around Greenpoint! I went with my go-to Asos navy hat and these MissGuided gladiator sandals that I love for more bohemian looks.

If you’ve been looking for some very affordable new pieces, seriously take a look at Stella Dallas!  I seriously want like 30 more things from her store. But also if you live in Louisiana- drive on over to the store! It’s so cute and I can’t wait in October to see it in person when I visit home for her wedding!




Pink lace dress C/O Stella Dallas // Hat C/O Asos // Sandals MissGuided // Jewelry C/O The 2 Bandits