My Holiday Gift Guide


Here’s some gift ideas I’ve had this year…



So I love giving gifts,but if you’re anything like me than you’ve only gotten half of them at this point and you need some new ideas for the others. The boyfriends parents can be a super tough one,but here are some ideas from brands that I love that might help!



Origins Products. Who doesn’t love getting some awesome new stuff for your face and body!? I love using their face masks and lotion,but honestly I’d be thrilled to give anything they make a try. A perfect gift for a cousin, mom, sister, or any lady who likes taking care of their skin!



Slippers and PJs. This is like the ultimate gift to me. I rarely buy myself pajamas or slippers so they are something I am thrilled when I receive. These precious slippers are from Boden and these cozy dotted Pjs’s are from Aegean Apparel. 



Master and Dynamic headphones. These are so perfect for a boyfriend or a tech dad. They are AMAZING. I can’t express enough how these are the best headphones I’ve ever had. The sound is amazing. They are a bit pricey,but totally worth it.



Homestate necklace. A perfect gift for any lady in your life who loves where she is from. This state necklace I have is by Coco and Marie and it’s perfectly thin and dainty. They have every state! I really love being able to have my little state on my neck even when I live so far away. Just a nice reminder of where I’m from.



Candles. Every lady I know loves candles. Even some men I know. This one is by Aveda,but from Parlor & Parlor. 

Coin Purses. Ok, so I don’t think this is just me. I love coin purses shaped like adorable things and this heart glitter little guy is so perfect! It was only $2 from Target.  Seriously a perfect stocking stuffer.



2015 Planner. If anyone you know has a busy schedule, then they use a planner on a regular basis. I actually have 3 myself to keep my different jobs and my blog stuff separated. This red planner is from Antenna Shop and comes in so many different colors!



Greeting Card. Lastly, if you’re on a tight budget and just need to send someone something to let them know your’e thinking of them, just do a quirky card! These are by an amazing fellow Ashkahn. I had the pleasure of meeting him recently and he is SUCH a nice guy. Plus his cards will make you laugh and whoever you send them to!

So guys there’s my 2014 gift guide! Hope it helps, if even just a little!