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Central Park memories are my favorite…

IMG_6499 IMG_6471 IMG_6774 IMG_6465 IMG_6519 IMG_6476 IMG_6666 IMG_6744 IMG_6851 IMG_6852 IMG_6772 IMG_6875 IMG_6484 IMG_6494 IMG_6520 IMG_6621 IMG_6874 IMG_6740 IMG_6490 IMG_6498 IMG_6888 IMG_6535 IMG_6657 IMG_6605 IMG_6630 IMG_6767 IMG_6896 IMG_6603I’ve posted in this Central Park spot a few times now. I honestly think I can say this is my favorite spot in New York City. I now have so many memories here, it’s a really special spot for me. I’ve been here with Rachel and Danny to have a picnic in the fall after a failed trip upstate, I’ve been here to shoot my friends Jade and Trent’s engagement photos, and in this post I am here with my Aunt Sara Margaret ,my cousin Sara Kate, and my love Danny. My Aunt and cousin were in town a few weeks ago and while in NY, I had to have a picnic with them here at my favorite spot. They had gotten all of the food and holy moly, it was the best picnic I have ever had! We had so many yummy fruits, cheeses, breads, and pastries! Seriously, it was so delicious! Not to mention, in our red solo cups (we kept singing this Toby Keith song) we were drinking gin and ginger ail! I would love to go back to this moment. These photos really have me daydreaming..

This plaid long skirt is by Alice’s Pig and I believe is the first long skirt I have ever owned. I am beyond thrilled that it’s my first longer skirt because it’s PERFECT. I mean seriously, the way it looks when you’re walking and the fact that it’s super high waisted is too good! I paired it with this cropped Alice’s Pig top (because their stuff goes great together!) and felt amazing all day. I’m not sure why, but I loved wearing this skirt so much. I really liked having something flow behind me.. ha. I’m sure I sound a bit crazy, but I hope you sort of know what I mean!

This necklace is another one by Peter and June. I’m so in love with all of their pieces, you’ll be seeing a lot more! This one is so playful and I feel like I could wear it with any collared shirt!

I can’t wait for Gov Ball this weekend!




Necklace C/O Peter and June // Top C/O Alice’s Pig // Plaid skirt C/O Alice’s Pig // Boots Wolverine x Samantha Pleet