our new sofa!


Sharing our new sofa and why I love it…

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I wanted to share our new sofa that’s from West Elm’s collection and I’m so obsessed with it! Now that we have a dog, having a sofa that can get lots of rough and tough time is so important which is why having a leather sofa seemed like a good option for us. To me personally, on leather scratches and stains look great and add character. I also love the vintage look of this sofa and since our living room has a tv against the wall, I really wanted a sofa that didn’t make the room to feel ‘blocked’ off since it’s the first thing you see when you walk in the door. So thankfully this one has a very short back and still makes the space feel so open! It’s also super comfortable despite all of the little buttons that add cute character.

Just wanted to share this current apartment favorite of mine! My camera is currently in the shop getting repaired because I dropped it in China so as soon as I have it back I will be starting apartment tours of each room in our apartment! I thought it would be fun to do room by room so you guys can really see every little detail. I can’t wait!




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