Our apartment decor update

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A little peek at how our apartment is coming along with links to shop!…

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The Living Room 

A lot of you guys after my tour on Instagram stories yesterday asked where SO many different things were from, so I decided to put together links for most of the items you guys asked the most about! Please see the points below each post to shop!

1. Our sofa is here. 

2. Duke’s bed is here. 

3. White media stand is here. 

4. Gold bar cart is here. 

5. Rug is vintage from Etsy.

6. All plants including large cactus are from Crest Hardware in Brooklyn.

7. Art that looks like pressed leaves is by Mary Jo Hoffman of Still. 

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Our Bedroom 

1. Dresser is  here.  (so many of you asked about it!)

2. Gold bed is here. 

3. Moon banner above bed is here.

4. Pink fluffy pillows are here.

5. Bed end is here. 

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The office

1. White long desks (it’s two we put together) are here. 

2. Leaf photos are here and here. 

3. Desk chairs are here and here.

4. Pinecone lights are vintage.

5. File cabinets are here. 



The Kitchen 

1. Bar stools are here. 

2. Big clock is here. 

3. Stick and peel tiles are here. 

4. Star cutting board is West Elm.

Thanks so much for reading guys and comment if you have any other questions!




8 thoughts on “Our apartment decor update

  1. Al

    Hi Noelle!

    Where is your tan and white threaded ottoman from?! I am dying for one! Love your blog and insta! Thanks for sharing!

    -Al Marie

  2. Tracy

    Hi there! Thanks so much for posting all this! One more shop question, where are your standing towel racks from in your bathroom?? Looove them!! Xo, Tracy

  3. Liu Yuying

    Hello, you are doing yourself, I always because of their appearance, no confidence in their own, often live in the eyes of others, live really hard, you are beautiful, do yourself very good, thank you, give me courage be yourself!

  4. Danielle

    Hi Noelle,

    Girl… you are gorgeous & your house is amazzzeeeeee! also curious if your mirror in your bedroom is vintage or store bought? Thanks love!



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