A look featuring some lovely new jewelry…

IMG_7310 IMG_7333 IMG_7385 IMG_7325 IMG_7441 IMG_7354 IMG_7397 IMG_7422 IMG_7329 IMG_7357 IMG_7404 IMG_7458 IMG_7440 IMG_7389 IMG_7368Jewelry really can transform a look, no matter how simple. When I got these Love Nyri pieces, I knew I wanted to switch it up and wear them with something a little bit Bohemian, but also 90’s. The hand accessory bracelet, which you can wear multiple ways, I wore as a bit more of a bracelet here,but you can also loop it around your finger like here. I also paired this beautiful blue and gold bracelet with it, to add more color. They just look so beautiful together!

Just a little bit about Love, Nyri: a lot of her jewelry is inspired by NYC and the culture here,but also by Haitian jewelry making techniques. I especially feel like with the midi/knuckle ring, you can really see the influence there. Plus the beautiful designer Riva studied music therapy at Loyola in my home state, Louisiana, and that has a very special place in my heart. Not only do I love working with US designers, but when they have some connection to Louisiana I just can’t help but fall more in love!



Knuckle ring, Blue bracelet, and hand accessory C/O Love, Nyri // Romper Miss Guided (old) // Boots C/O Miss Guided 

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