my favorite dress

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My favorite dress ever has a new darker print…

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Finally sharing a Paris look! I know many of you have seen this Samantha Pleet dress I have in the cream pattern (I wore it this Thanksgiving! See it on my IG here) and I’m so excited to finally have my hands on the dark print version! It sells out SO FAST that I can never get it in my size! So naturally I had to take it to Paris with me because I knew it would go so beautifully with the city.

These photos were taken at the top of Printemps, a spot Rachel Martino showed me that was so stunning! I think this is a spot I would have to visit every single time I come back to Paris! Which.. I fell in love you guys. Expect another visit or two this year because I was just smitten with it! Everything was so beautiful.




Dress C/O Samantha Pleet // Oxfords vintage Salvador Ferragamo // Gucci suede bag // Khaki coat C/O Asos 

8 thoughts on “my favorite dress

  1. Keyshae

    Hi Noelle!
    I’ve been a longtime reader of your blog and I would love if you could make a post about how you really transitioned into a full time blogger and moved from Louisiana to NYC. I’m also from Louisiana (Shreveport whoop whoop) and I currently live in L.A. Just struggling to take my blog to the next level.

    Love your content!



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