my favorite denim jacket


Sharing my favorite denim jacket…

img_5645 img_5650 img_5752 img_5710 img_5729 img_5761So.. obviously these photos weren’t taken in NYC anytime recently as it’s been freezing, but since I’ll be traveling to some warmer weather spots soon I thought it would be fun to share! This is my favvvvorite denim jacket and it’s from Asos! You guys can also check out some of my favorites below! I really love the Levi’s one that’s on sale.  It’s a little bit cropped and goes so well with skirts and dresses! I love honestly wearing it with just about anything. That’s the benefit of a good denim jacket!

Currently I am in Louisiana with my family and having such a good time! I love being here and am so happy to be home for the holidays with Danny. We’ve spent the past two days in New Orleans and it’s been so wonderful! I finally have a good balance of pushing myself to explore a little bit more when I travel and am home and it feels so good. I tend to get into a shell when I’m home and not want to get out because I just want to be at my aunts house (which is equally as wonderful) but it feels good to break out of my shell a little! I thank Danny a bit for that.

We have to finish up some Christmas shopping so wish us luck! I’m sure it’s going to be prettttty crazy.




Denim jacket C/O Asos // Blouse Maison Jules // Skirt Boohoo // Oxfords Asos // Glasses TIJN Eyewear


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