My 25th Birthday!


Another year, another birthday…

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So yesterday was my 25th birthday and I can’t believe it. My birthday being exactly a week before Christmas always is a little bit stressful, but I wouldn’t change that because I think it makes my love for the holidays that much more. I mean, my name is Noelle after all!? heh. But turning a year older is always a strange feeling to me, as I think it is most people. I still feel 22, trying to figure out my life and feeling like I still have so much to learn. I personally wonder if that feeling will ever go away and if I’ll always feel 22 inside forever..

Looking back on this past year, it’s been a very exciting time for me. I enjoy really sitting down and thinking about how your past year was and what you would really do better the next year. Not in a way that’s negative on your self, but in a way to be positive about your achievements and make goals for the future. It’s also a good time to contemplate on the future and get excited for what’s to come! This next year I have so many exciting things coming up I truly can’t wait to share with you guys, lots of travel being one of them. Just by the end of February, I’ll be visiting Louisiana, LA, Paris, London, and Hawaii. I’m honestly over the moon about seeing more of the world and living and pursuing my dreams even more this next year. I’m excited for 25 and that’s rare for me. I suppose that’s the grace of getting older?

I also want to thank you all so much for the many birthday wishes! You always make me feel so special and it’s the best gift in the world.




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7 thoughts on “My 25th Birthday!

  1. Morgane

    Same goes for me, I still feel like I’m 22 and can’t shake the feeling ever since celebrating my birthday last september, and the years before that too :)

    • Noelle Post author

      For about 12 days?! The 26th through the 4th! Rachel Martino with be with me as well and I’m sure we will do a meet up so we can meet some people! Stay tuned!


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