Monty’s first time outside!


My little bunnies first time outside…










So.. this post basically makes me feel like an obsessed mom, but I’m okay with that. Danny and I are pretty obsessed with our bunny Monty. We’ve always been a bit afraid of taking him outside, but last week when we took him to the vet he said we should be taking him outside because the sunlight and fresh air would be great for him! So a few days later we took him outside for the first time ever (at least since we adopted him) and of course I had to share some photos of it.

We looked pretty crazy I’m sure because we brought his whole pen with us.. we were afraid of him getting off the leash and harness, which you will notice in some of these funny photos he is trying to escape out of it. So we brought his pen/cage with us and sat in the park. He was so so scared at first and would cuddle up to our necks,but after about thirty minutes he got a little warmed up and was tiptoeing around. He’s pretty much scared of everything so we figured it would be like this.

We are going to take him out again this week and hopefully he likes it a little bit more this time! We shall see.




9 thoughts on “Monty’s first time outside!

  1. Michelle @ Leo Sigh

    I already own one large rabbit but my second one died recently while I was on holiday and my housekeeper was taking care of it (not her fault, she was sick already). So I just got a new baby rabbit today and am so happy as my second rabbit is loving the baby already :) Yours is very cute, btw.


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