Live through this, and you won’t look back


And it’s back to scarves and layers here in New York…

IMG_0656 IMG_0703 IMG_0772 IMG_0799 IMG_0722 IMG_0670 IMG_0738 IMG_0694 IMG_0788 IMG_0759 IMG_0687Spring in New York is always a guessing game when it comes to the weather and how you should dress. One day it’s sunny, humid, and feels like summer is a week away and a few days later you need your warmest coat again and a good scarf. The 6 years I’ve lived here it’s always been the same in the spring and it’s almost bittersweet. One second I’m ready to say goodbye to winter and embrace the warm, sweaty days and then the minute it’s happening I’m missing my dear winter. The struggles of being a December baby,but still really enjoying the beach..

I have this colorful big scarf from Scarves Dot Net (a great place for really affordable scarves!) that I always enjoy wearing with my old worn out denim shirts from Madewell. I’m also wearing this velvet skater skirt from Shop Laced Tea! I love the colors of this look and how it’s colorful,but still subtle tones. I wear so many bright and colorful dresses (especially red ones) that it’s nice to wear some more neutral tones from time to time.

This look was from a day in Prospect Park with Rachel of Jag Lever. We had so much fun exploring and watching these two boys literally strip down to their skivvies in like 30 degree weather and jump into the pound/lake. We both were so puzzled because it was FREEZING! The things you see in NYC, I swear.

I can’t wait for Coachella next weekend ya’ll!




Scarf C/O Scarves Dot Net // Denim shirt Madewell // Velvet skirt C/O Shop Laced Tea // Boots Call It Spring // Hat Brixton // Vintage bag C/O Crossroads Trading Co. 

5 thoughts on “Live through this, and you won’t look back

  1. Luiza Azevedo

    I really love you and your blog. The pictures have an incredible quality, what’s your camera?


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