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Denim shorts are an August must…

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It’s no shocker that here in the month of August New York is HOT AS HELL! So we will move on from the boring weather talk and move on to the denim shorts talk. This summer I had decided I was going to have a wide range of shorts (denim, floral, black and white) that I loved wearing and that fit my body good and I am very proud and happy to say I have done so. Honestly it opened up a whole new option of outfits this summer because I had so many ‘bottoms’ options. Being a curvy, very particular about shorts kind of girl (hands up if you feel me!) finding a few pairs that fit me just right has been a blessing.

Moving onto this floral blouse by Pepaloves. Pepaloves makes this blouse almost every season if not every other in different materials and patterns. I had never had one and well to say the least I will certainly be getting it in any other patterns they may make it in in the future! It looks so vintage, especially with this straw boater.

Anyways, my dear friend Brandi’s vacation with me has come to an end. So it’s back to blogging and working for me!




Blouse C/O Pepaloves (on sale!) // Shorts C/O Miss Guided // Satchel C/O Pepaloves // Loafers C/O Boden // Straw hat H&M


6 thoughts on “hot hot hot

  1. Toni

    I totally thought that blouse was vintage!! It is so cute! And I totally understand you about the shorts. I want high waist, but it needs to fit right on the hip/butt area as well. Your photos are always so pretty! <3



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