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Introducing a new part of my life I’ll be sharing here on the blog….

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Since I started my blog I’ve always wanted to share lots of lifestyle and home things and finally I am getting around to doing it! This is the very first one, but expect so many more! I’m thinking once a week I’ll share different posts about life at home, cooking, apartment hacks.. you guys get the idea! Just fun things I’m discovering and would love to share with you guys. First up: a peel and stick backsplash!

I’m not going to lie to you guys, this peel and stick backsplash took A LOT of patience, but I’m so happy with how it turned out. Honestly I’m sure it’s way easier than building an actual backsplash, however it does take lots of measuring and lots of accuracy (things that I pretty much suck at). I ordered these peel and stick tiles from Smart Tiles and immediately had a hard time picking because they had so many good ones. But I knew I wanted something white because I lot of our apartment is a mixture of cream and white and I think it only looks good if it has a similar theme in every room. So I ordered the white ones along with their little kit you can purchase that comes with a cutting board, ruler, and box cutter. The box cutter super sucked so I highly suggest maybe ordering these items on your own. It might cost more, but I promise in the end it’ll make your life so much easier.

I also ordered extra tiles just incase and THANK GOD because I used all of them. You likely will make mistakes and screw up a pad or two so just be sure to order extras. I literally had JUST ENOUGH and was having a heart attack because I wanted to finish it and didn’t think we would have enough. You have to measure out everything and cut very accurately so if you don’t have a steady hand get someones help who does and make sure you have someone with you to help so you get all of the lines straight. I swear mine would be a big slanted mess if I didn’t have the help of my assistant Jess.

I hope you guys enjoy my home posts from here on out and if you have any requests or questions about the peel and stick backsplash, please leave it in the comments and I promise I’ll get back to you! Love you guys and thanks for reading.




Backplash available here // Copper French press here // Star cutting board  // Marble utensils holder here  // Check kitchen towels Home of The Brave 





4 thoughts on “Home: Peel and Stick backsplash

  1. Katlynn

    I’m so excited for this addition to your blog! I am obsessed with apartment tips and tricks and I have no doubt your addition will feed the addiction. Can’t wait!


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