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  1. Long lost friend

    Hey Noelle,

    I am messaging you on behalf of how much I like your website. I am very impressed and proud of what you have done for yourself since you’ve moved to New York. Growing up with you, you always had a love for fashion and to see that you are following your dream is really awesome!! If you wouldn’t mind I would love to chat with you again and try to catch up since we haven’t talked in forever. Unfourtuantly I am in New Zealand at the moment and for the rest of the summer but even just an email would be awesome, just to hear from you again.

    Your old friend
    Tyler Wright

  2. Jasmine

    Hey Noelle,
    It’s Jasmine, I’m sending you my email again. I guess you never got it the first time. Hope to collab with you and @jaglever!! XX

  3. Jessica

    Hey, I was curious what your daily skin routine is? I’m having some trouble with my skin, and have pretty much always had sensitive and problem comexion. What cleansers and/ or face washes do you use? And what kinds of moisturizers and makeup do you use on the daily? I would love the advice!
    Xoxo Jessica

  4. Tara

    Hey Noelle,
    This is Tara from high school. I don’t know if you answer questions but, I feel like I am having some sort of weird fashion identity crisis. I like my style, it is very formal and sophisticated Kate Middleton like dresses. I have been dressing like this for about three years and it looks nice; however, now I am completely bored with my wardrobe. The best way to describe my wardrobe is it is safe. No risks what so ever. Money is tight so I am trying to sew some of my clothes. But my question is, what should I do to make my wardrobe a little edgier and riskier? I also wanted to know how you discovered your style? I love your website and I hope you write back.

    Sincerely, Tara

  5. Alexandra Wardlaw

    Hi Noelle!

    A friend pointed me in your direction – she goes to you for style inspiration and wishes she could shop all your picks directly from your blog.

    I work for NMRKT and we build eShops for bloggers (for free!). They are completely custom and you can fill yours with everything you love from around the web. Think of it as an expansion of your Wishlist pages!

    Happy to tell you more – shoot me back an email if you’re interested.


    Alexandra Wardlaw


    @nmrkt- Follow us on Instagram!

  6. Lhey

    Hi Noel ! I just want es to say thank you for your blog ! Your post always help me to find inspiration to choose my own outfits <3 please keep posting cool stuff ! Love, Lhey

  7. Alec

    Hi Noelle,
    My name is Alec and I work for the marketing department at
    I am contacting you because I bumped into your site on, I was very impressed by your site and I needed to get in touch with you and see if you would be willing to promote our products in your site.
    I wanted to forward a brief summary (and an invite) in regard to;
    • What our site is related to, as it may be an ideal fit for your blog visitors, and subscribers.
    • What benefits we offer our partners once they promote our products
    Designer Intimates is the new, official e-commerce site of highly successful and established lingerie brands Felina, Paramour and Jezebel.
    Our average order size is between $60-70. We normally pay a Base rate of 7% in commission for every sale our partners make through their site, but I would be willing to increase yours to a Better rate of 15% for the next 90 days.
    We are confident you’d make a great promotional partner because Designer Intimates will be a great compliment to all the great advice and guidance you’re already providing in your blog.
    If this is something that may interest you, please contact me through this email address to learn more about our partnership.
    Thank you for your time and any consideration you may give us.
    I am really looking forward to hearing from you
    Best regards,
    Alec/Affiliate Manager,

  8. carolina

    Hi! I love your blog and i would like to create my own blog but i dont know how.could You please give me some advice?.

    Sincerely, carolina

  9. killy vincent

    Hi noelle Im new to wordpress and still figuring out things ( its so confusing). But I wanted to ask what the template name is that you bought from blogmilk?? would be so helpful

  10. Emma

    I’ve discover a floral dress on pinterest,
    on the dress we can see : unicorn, wolfes and many of flowers ….
    I want to know where found this fabric or this dress.

    Thank you, Emma


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