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Throwing it back to apple picking upstate…

img_4627 img_4694 img_4722 img_4647 img_4617 img_4874 img_4732 img_4620 img_4750 img_4891 img_4652 img_4708 img_4796 img_4741 img_4836 img_4902I’ve said this before- with photos I really love I tend to never edit them and wait forever to share them. It’s so odd and something I hate that I do. I think I get too excited and love so many photos I can’t limit it down to only a few photos to share on here. Either way, my goal for this year is to break that habit and share my posts within the week I take them! So wish me luck on that and get ready for a ton of outfit posts.

So now that I’ve shared how much of a failure I am with editing my favorite posts, let me tell you all about when we picked apples back in November. Danny and I headed upstate in the wonderful fall weather and I was wearing my vintage dress Danny got for me. It was such a beautiful day for apple picking and I was so thrilled about it. Once we got there we fed some of the animals hay on their farm and then picked apples for hours. They had so many different kinds and it was really hard to pick apples because most had been picked, so it made searching for them very fun. After we filled up our huge bag with apples (that I made a delicious apple crumble with later) we headed home so happy to of spent the day outdoors.

The vintage dress Danny got me was from Greydog Boutique and I paired it with a vintage cardigan I thrifted in Savanna many years ago and a big braid with a little bow at the end. The perfect vintage apple picking look for a autumn day.

I hope ya’ll enjoy this look even though it’s coming very late! However I do think it’s cute for all year round if your winter isn’t too snowy.. hehe.




Dress vintage // Cardigan vintage // Loafers ℅ Jack Rodgers // Red socks ℅ Tabbi Socks // Glasses ℅ Bonlook // Purse Gucci 


5 thoughts on “apple picking

  1. Mackenzie

    I do the same thing with posting my favorite photos late! I think it’s because I like the photos so much that I want to make sure I can come up with something worthy of them, maybe? This look is so cute, we have a ton of apple orchards in Washington, I really should try and go out to visit them sometime too!

    Also those llamas are amazing.



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