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A perfect summer outfit from H&M…

IMG_6957 IMG_7264 IMG_7119 IMG_6965 IMG_7176 IMG_7067 IMG_7246 IMG_7122 IMG_7190 IMG_7208 IMG_7221 IMG_7027 IMG_7215 IMG_6958 IMG_7181 IMG_7235 IMG_6991 IMG_7146 IMG_7150 IMG_7259 IMG_7104I’ve partnered up with H&M to show you a look with some of their summer pieces that are in store now. I love going to H&M’s in New York because each one is usually completely different! I went to the one in Soho to get see what they had and ended up going for this white dress that’s super boho and is actually a beach coverup! I wanted it to be a dress so I just decided to go for it and wear some denim shorts underneath! I also picked up this huge hat because it’s perfect to keep my face shaded and these classic sunglasses. I also got a few other pieces that I’ll be showing you soon! I picked up a lot of stuff I really love.

I finished this outfit with this little necklace by Peter and June. I got a lot of their jewelery recently and I am OBSESSED! They make so many quirky things,but also some more artistic, beautiful pieces! If you’re looking for some special jewelery that’s easy to wear, check their site out! I want everything they make.

Als0- if you’re looking for really affordable swimwear, their pieces start at $4.99! I even saw some cute polka dot ones while I was at the store. Take a peek at a preview of their summer line in this video here. 





Tunic dress C/O H&M // Black straw hat C/O H&M // Sunglasses C/O H&M // Boots thrifted // Necklace C/O Peter and June

The little details in my apartment


Showing you a few new pieces I’m loving in my apartment!…


Candle and Matches 

So this goes without saying. Who doesn’t get excited about getting a new candle, especially one as luxurious as this one?! I mean, the gold is just too pretty! After the candle is all gone, I’ll either try to make my own candle or clean it out and store jewels in it just because it’s so gorgeous! Also oddly nice matches are something I personally love. The smell of a burnt match is one of my favorites and this little box is so cute! It has hearts on one size and then the other size had the days of the week. So adorable and both go so well with all of my random knick-knacks (and guys I have a lot of them.)

IMG_7650 IMG_7618 IMG_7651


I bought some pretty ugly looking magnets and constantly wished I had nicer ones. I know magnets are such an afterthought,but having beautiful ones that are actually sturdy (meaning they aren’t flying off your fridge when you open it!) is so nice. These Kate Spade little bows are quite an upgrade from my ugly ones and NOTHING flies off my fridge now! Plus they really just make already cute photos look even more adorable.

IMG_7664 IMG_7682 IMG_7677


I’ve just wanted a small rug to have some of my shoes on. I have so many shoes and I store a lot of them in weird places because my apartment is so small. When I was shopping on Lulu and Georgia, I was trying to decide between a circle rug or a rectangular and decided on this one. I feel the colors go with every season,but also go well with the rest of my apartment. It fits my eclectic bits and bobs in the perfect way.

IMG_7578 IMG_7586

Office Supplies 

Again, this is something I usually just have an ugly variety of. You know.. the usual tape and stapler that are either grey or black. I decided to change that with these Kate Spade acrylic and gold beauties. They are so sleek,but with little quirky messages on each item. The pencil cup says ‘a stoke of genius’, the stapler says ‘keep it together’ and the tape dispenser says ‘make it stick.’ It’s the little details like this that get me! You can’t help but want to use them.

IMG_7697 IMG_7702 IMG_7715 IMG_7717 IMG_7728


All of these little details in my apartment update are from Lulu and Georgia! They are having a Memorial Day sale 25% off from the 22nd to the 25th! So if you’ve been looking for any new home pieces- big or small- take a peek at their site for some great pieces! I wanted so many pieces.