wonder wheel


Spent the day at Coney Island…

IMG_6226 IMG_6429 IMG_6316 IMG_6230 IMG_6336 IMG_6412 IMG_6423 IMG_6252 IMG_6330 IMG_6484 IMG_6294 IMG_6407 IMG_6302 IMG_6363 IMG_6352 IMG_6489 IMG_6324 IMG_6341 IMG_6323 IMG_6283

 If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I went to Coney Island two weeks ago with Brandi and FINALLY rode the Wonder Wheel! Seriously it was like one of my favorite things I did this summer. I’m scared of rides now,but when I was younger (think 10-16) my friend I would always go to the fair with and ride all of the scary/fun rides was Brandi. So it was a bit surreal riding the Wonder Wheel with her here in New York and is a memory I will cherish (until we go and do it again!)

I obviously wanted to wear something very appropriate for the occasion. I wore this very vintage looking romper Rachel gave to me as a gift. I love it so much! Every time I wear it I get asked where I got it from.

After we rode the ferris wheel, we went to Nathan’s to grab some fries and hot dogs. This is another thing I feel like you *must* do when you come down to Coney Island. It’s such a classic! Plus cotton candy.. lots of junk food!

I hope you enjoy my Coney Island post and all of the photos from my day!




Romper vintage // Shoes Forever 21 // Hat C/O Boohoo 

chasing the wild


Spending some time in the woods…

IMG_5253 IMG_5383 IMG_5301 IMG_5665 IMG_5571 IMG_5336 IMG_5369 IMG_5509 IMG_5560 IMG_5611 IMG_5347 IMG_5554 IMG_5597 IMG_5634 IMG_5464 IMG_5225A few weeks ago Danny and I decided to have a day in Prospect Park and be surrounded my greenery. If you live in Brooklyn, Prospect Park is the best way to have a little ‘out of the city’ moment. I feel like it just seems like you’re not even in NYC anymore and it’s magical. Not to mention this Samantha Pleet x Urban Outfitters dress really helping me feel transformed to some fairy-tale like time.

I love this dress! I’ve wanted a Samantha Pleet Tabernacle dress for quite some time now (who doesn’t?!) and I am happy to say I have a peach one all my own! Plus I can also have a pink one because this dress is reversible! I kept this look ‘adventurous’ with these Asos boots (as seen in my Youtube haul! Clearly I’ve already worn them in) and a big brimmed hat. I love dressing girly with all of the frills,but sometimes it’s so nice to have a change of scenery and mix up my style.

 In this post I am wearing my Rila NYC jewelry again. Honestly I’ve been wearing both the ring and bracelet almost everyday! I love supporting my NYC/Brooklyn designer friends all in one post!




Urban Outfitters x Samantha Pleet dress C/O SP // Hat by Scala // Brown boots C/O Asos // Necklace C/O Peter and June // Arrow cuff and claw ring C/O Rila NYC